Room Rentals

Employee Meetings!     Training Sessions!     Computer Lab!

Meetings and training are much more effective off-premises with fewer distractions. The Corry Higher Education Council has meeting rooms to fit your need!

  • Schedule early to be sure the rooms you need are available!
  • Cancellation deadline is 24 hours before scheduled use. Cancellations after that time will result in full fees being charged.

Call 664-9405 or e-mail for more information, to schedule a room or to arrange for a tour of the available facilities.

Accommodates 13-30 people

  • $75 for up to 4 hours
    2nd small room additional $25 if needed
  • $120 for 4+ hours
    2nd small room additional $30 if needed

Accommodates up to 12 people:

  • $45 for up to 4 hours
  • $75 for 4+ hours

No additional charge for projector/computer in those rooms so equipped, TV/VCR/DVD, overhead projector and flip-chart holders. (Please Note: Flip chart notepads and marker are not supplied.)

Prefer to supply your own computer instructor? We’d be happy to provide you access to our computer lab at a very reasonable price!

  • Dell all-in-one computers running Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 Professional
  • Wireless Internet access.
  • Equipped with a LCD projector, making it easy for students to follow the instructor’s every move!
  • Accommodates up to 9 students
  • Air-conditioned for student comfort.

Computer Lab Cost:

  • $150 for up to 4 hours in a day.
  • $200 for 4+ hours in a day.

Comp lab empty 1 - 2015

Comp Lab 1 - 2015

Terms & Conditions: Company renting lab is responsible for loading and unloading any additional software that may be required for the training, at a time convenient to Corry Higher Education Council. If a Corry Higher Education Council employee is required to return the computer lab to proper operating environment, said work will be performed at a cost of $40 per hour and billed to the Company. If contracted services are required to restore lab, those costs will be billed to the Company.