Paying for College

Don’t let the perceived cost of a college education keep you from exploring your options.

Much like the “sticker price” on a car, the actual cost of your college tuition may be much lower based on your income, family size, etc. In addition, the school or schools you are interested in may have their own financial aid packages that can reduce the cost.

The first step to determining the cost of a college education is to complete and submit the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid,” more commonly known as the “FAFSA.” It’s free to fill out, and there’s no obligation to attend school just for submitting it. Go to for more information, or call 1-800-433-3243.

Your completed FAFSA will be forwarded electronically to the school or schools of your choice. From there, contact the admissions office of the school or schools you are interested in, to talk about what it will cost to attend those schools. Don’t be afraid to “comparison shop,” much like you would when buying a car.

In addition to government or school aid, the Corry Higher Education Council also administers a number of college scholarships for adults (age 25 and older) who have returned to school. The application forms for those scholarships are typically available on our website or at our offices in the month of June. The scholarship decisions are typically announced in early August.